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UK authorities are planning a $ 662,000 bitcoin auction that was seized from an online criminal. Nationwide police will work with the Irish Auction House at Wilsons Auctions to boost sales.

The auction is the first of its kind in the UK. Along with bitcoin for sale will be various other crypto assets as well as luxury items.

UK First: Confiscated bitcoin goes through the hammer
According to a post on the Wilsons Auctions website, bitcoin, at the time of writing, is about $ 662,000, to be sold without a backup. The sale will be held at two different auctions this Wednesday from 12:00 p.m.


The first will be an online auction only. It will operate 24 hours, noon, September 25. This online sale includes other crypto assets. This includes ether, XRP, and others not directly mentioned.

The second Bitcoin sale will take place on Thursday, September 26 at 6pm. The BTC additional 15 lots will be available at this “vulnerable government auction”. Contestants will do so online or in person. There will also be various other items for sale on bitcoin. These include confiscated cars, watches, jewelry and other expensive goods.


Peru Top 10 Activities for Sightseeing Track


# 1-Town to Hike Town at North Rim, Colca Canyon

Kolka Canyon is still off the radar for most tourists. Farmland, small villages and truly friendly people’s paradise with so many outsiders. Tourists visiting the herd of the canyon head for the Cruz del Condor. It is always a must see. (The world’s best place to see the Andean Condor running through the gorge at 8 am daily) AM, still not the only attraction of the area. The small village is between the two rims of the gorge and has 5-10 miles of dirt roads, making it the perfect distance for hiking. I recommend departing from North Rim.
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Tourists head to Cruz del Condor, then cross the gorge to South Rim near the village of Lari before the north road ends. In fact, when I walked this road, I did not see another tourist and 4-5 cars until we reached the cruise del condor three days and about 25 miles after starting. Along the way, you’ll find stunning views over the canyons and snow-capped mountains.
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# 2-weave shops and ancient ruins near Ayacucho

Ayacucho was home to the most violent battles between the Shining Pass rebel movement and the Peruvian government in the 1980s and early 90s, and Ayacucho gained a reputation for being unsafe for tourists. In 1992, Abimael Guzman, the leader of the Shining Path movement, was arrested, and since then the situation has calmed down. The good news is that mainstream tourism has not yet found Ayacucho and its many attractions, so it is available to anyone who can think and travel independently. I saw a total of three different tourists for the three days we were there.
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The best weavers in Peru (and the world) call Ayacucho home. Barrio Santa Ana has numerous Mom & Pop weaving shops, especially craftsmen whose owners create unique patterns of the highest quality as their only means of import. They are always happy to be able to show you how looms and weaves are requested.
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Ayacucho is also known as the huge Inca ruins outside the city. It is a 15 square kilometer stacked stone town that was built by Wari Empire in about 800 AD. Most of the city was buried by changing the sand, but there is still a large area that is open to the public with a small entrance fee.

# 3-Amazon sailing on cargo ship
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Just as important as reaching the destination is the means of getting to it. 99% of tourists heading to Iquitos, the world’s largest city, are not accessible by road and travel by air from Lima or another city. Our advice? Take a slow boat like a local.
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Two hours north of Tarapoto in northern Peru, a small taxi rides to the small riverside town of Yuriguaguas. From there you will find boats heading downstream to Iquitos via Huallaga, Maranon and Amazon Rivers. Dozens of times travel Usually two or more people leave every afternoon. It is better to have a boat owned by Eduardo Transports Co. The boat is simply called Eduardo I, Eduardo II, etc. You can pay $ 10 or $ 90- $ 100 to sling a hammock on a sleeping deck. Cabin with two bunks, lockable doors for safe storage of bathrooms and gears.
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Both options include food (get your own drinking water). The first option is infinitely cheap and adventurous, but it makes the gear vulnerable to theft and requires the use of a rather unpleasant shared bathroom. This trip takes about two and a half days, and during this period you see the jungle slip on both sides of the incredibly wide river, watch the boat crew at work when you stop trading with the riverside village, and witness the incredible sunset of the Amazon . If you are lucky, you can also see pink river dolphins.
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# 4 through Mara Non Canyon to Cacha Marca to Chacha Poya

Perhaps the least traveled route throughout Peru by tourists (and perhaps locals) is the way from Cajamarca to Chacha Poyas. For example, I considered hitchhiking the road, but gave up for two hours without seeing the road and seeing a car go by. Most travelers arrive in Chachapoyas on the northern highway route from Chiclayo, which gently rides the runway for 10 hours. For the adventurous, our suggestion is to spend the night by bus from Cajamarca to the small town Celendin, then take the bus or taxi to Chachapoyas the next morning.
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The second leg of this journey was a glimpse of the terrible diversion of the Montanaus 10,000-foot deep Maranon Canyon (twice deeper than the Grand Canyon) for a stunning display and ascent of climatic change from rim to rim. Get. The rim is thin and airy, with typical highland meadows in the Cajamarca region, 10-12,000 feet above sea level.
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At the bottom near sea level there are palms and mango trees growing thick and humid air along the river. On the opposite rim there is a plain that slowly blurs the forest when heading northeast towards Chapoya and losing some altitude. The view across the canyon is incredible for the four hours it takes to cross it.
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# 5-Paracas National Reserve Camp

If you want to feel like the last person on earth, hike and camp at Paracas National Reserve. Reserves exist mostly to protect various marine life (including penguins and sea lions) offshore. The land part of the reserve is a lifeless literal barren wasteland. I did not look like a blade of grass after hiking six miles across the desert.
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On the waterfront of the sanctuary there are three restaurants known as Lagunillas. The best way is to take a taxi in Pisco town, cross the store and go to this restaurant. Then prepare some food and more water than you can use (purchased from Pisco before starting) and walk from there. You can camp anywhere, but the risk of getting lost is very, very real.
Plead to walk along the coast in one of two directions until you get to the proper campsite (keep in mind that the wind is almost always blowing-look for lowland areas to hit the tent). Then turn around and return to Lagunillas along the coast. There is usually a taxi waiting for two or two here.
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It is not advisable to start in the middle of the desert, as you can quickly lose your sense of direction on terrain without terrain. Care must be taken when the cliffs of 100 feet high along the waterfront collapse and become too close to the edge. A few sea lions can be found near the water at the foot of the cliff, sunsets are generally spectacular and complete solitude is guaranteed.
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# 6-Quelaf Fortress

Kuelap is located in northern Peru, near Chachapoyas, known for its relatively few outsiders. The massive fortress surrounding the entire mountain allowed builders to ignore Incas, which had not been there before more than 100 years ago. It is often compared to the magnificent Machu Picchu, but more people visit Machu Picchu a day than it is to visit Kuelup during the year, which is mostly a gap due to a difficult approach.
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There are three options to go to the fortress. 1) Go with a tour group (e.g. few small tourers visit Kuelap in Chachapoyas) 2) arrange private transport and 3) rough trail hike up 4,000 feet in 6 miles in the town of Tingo. If you are in good health, option # 3 is by far the best experience and the lowest cost. Option # 2 is expensive but workable. Option # 1 defeats the purpose of getting a tourist route in our opinion, but it’s the least painful.
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When you get to the fort via a hiking trail, you’ll feel almost lonely and fulfilled when you’ve reached the summit, and you’ll be warned though you’ll see great views of the surrounding mountains when climbing. And the steepest six miles were hiking.
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# 7-Artisan and small village in the Mantaro Valley

Kang Cayo, a large city located in the heart of the Mantaro Valley, is nothing less spectacular (except maybe the market). But the small villages around the valley are different stories, each of which seems to have its own craft. Hualhuas is best known as San Jeronimo, a hand-made sterling silver jewelery, famous for its Cochas Grande in mocking sculptures. Santa Rosa de Ocopa is a 300-century monastery, visited by missionaries in the late 18th century to convert the Amazon jungle Indians and slaughtered by their faith. The site currently serves as a museum and memorial to this expedition and has one of the largest libraries in South America.
To explore the Mantaro Valley, Ruko Futa also needs only one person. Lucho & # 39; La Casa de la Abuela & # 39; Huge 1930s mansion renovated to accommodate backpackers at Huancayo. There is a restaurant and tourist office across the street across from the hostel. But unlike most tourist offices, Lucho and his team give you a map and some directions and tell you how to navigate yourself (advice is free if you stay at the hostel). As a guide as well.

8-Ancient City Cahuachi and Chauchilla Cemetery
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Oddly, the largest Adobe city in the world is not the best known. This 25 square mile ancient metropolis was built by the Nazca Indians about 1,500 years ago. The Nazca Indians carved mysterious shapes in the desert sands near today’s Nazca. Cahuachi is still being excavated and therefore not open to the public.
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Pottery debris is picked up and sanded all over the unclassified site. Archaeologists want to complete the restoration of the main mosque and open it to the public soon, but when funds are scarce, it is not clear when it will really happen. Currently, you need to stand outside the site to see how many walls and ruined buildings have been excavated from the sand hidden in sight for hundreds of years.
To get to this site you need 40 minutes to pass through a barren desert with no real roads. Public transport is not available, so if you want to travel in Nazca you will have to pay $ 15- $ 20 for a taxi.
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Chauchilla is an ancient Nazca cemetery-a tomb collection that was first opened by tomb graves but has since been restored by archaeologists. The mummies are exhibited in their original wrapping paper in the tombs, and they were seated in the fetal position as they were buried, and due to the dry desert climate, long strings of dark hair survived for centuries and attached to the skulls of the mummies. .
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Like Cahuachi, Chauchilla is best to take a taxi in Nazca, but some tourist agencies are included in the itinerary.

Hiking # 9-Gocta Falls

The third highest waterfall in the world is near Chacha Poya in northern Peru. The Falls, a thin stream of water that drops 2,536 feet into a small lagoon, can only be hiked for two hours on a path through a virgin rainforest. It is possible to meet other tourists on this site, but it is not enough to include Gocta Falls in this list.
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You can take a shared taxi from Chachapoyas to the village of Cocachimba near the falls, but you need to register at the trailhead’s office and come with a local guide to the bottom of the trail falls.

Stay at # 10-Amazon’s Jungle Lodge.

The jungle lodge is obviously fully backed by tourism, but it is in a secluded area that will not always be surrounded by tourists wielding cameras. In fact, solitude is close in a cheap place where service is poor but wildlife is better than anywhere else. I stayed in a (very) cheap hostel near Iquitos for 5 days, 2 of which were the only guests staying there.
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Regardless of the price range, most lodges are usually assigned to groups by local guides, and during your stay you are ready to canoe and fish on the river or hike in the jungle, depending on your disposal. Parrots, macaws, snakes, sloths, caiman, river otters, tarantulas, ant licks and incredibly rare and hard to find jaguars.



Fitness Hotels in Peak District


Trying to take your dog on a holiday doesn’t mean you don’t have to slum in your tent! The Peak District has 3 * and 4 * hotels that are very happy to welcome 4 legged friends as guests.
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Introducing some of the pet-friendly hotels in the Peak District


Biggin Hall Hotel

Biggin Hall has a rustic feel. Located in the idyllic Biggin village and symbolically restored to the glory of the 17th century. Dog-friendly accommodation is provided for guests who want to bring their dog and is easily accessible on the ground floor. The hotel has beautiful grounds and is within walking distance of many local promenades, including the Tissington Trail. Afternoon tea is recommended to follow a lovely walk with the dog. Otherwise, you may want to filter out all those calories in another way!
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Charles Cotton Hotel

This historic 17 bedroom hotel is located in the heart of the beautiful town of Hartton. It is better to keep a certain room where you can keep your pet and visit your dog. If you want variety, there is a dog friendly pub in town and a local youth hostel has a dog friendly coffee shop. The area is surrounded by beautiful trails and is ideal for enjoying a walking holiday with a dog.

Bucks turn

Old Hall Hotel

Known as the oldest hotel in the UK! I was the host of Mary Queen of Scots. Welcome dogs and pets. It is located across the street from the Buxton Opera house and opposite the beautiful park where you can walk the dog. But only a few minutes drive from the fantastic walk location and the Goyt Valley, a dog paradise. You must however observe the countryside cord and keep on leading the dog in the area where there may be birds in the nest. See the Dog Friendly Peak District website for more information.

Lee Wood Hotel

Another country house style hotel with its own garden. This dog-friendly hotel is just a few minutes’ walk from the Peak District Buckston and close to the Buckston Opera House and Pavilion Gardens. Once again, it is just a short drive from the Goyt Valley and there are numerous promenades in the area. Dogs are allowed in the bedroom, but not in public places where there is a possibility of food and drink. There is also a one-time fee of £ 8.50.

Alison Park Hotel

The hotel is a short walk from the pavilion gardens and you can take your dog for a walk through the beautiful park. It is also a few minutes walk from the Greenlow Woods, near Poole’s Cavern. Pooles Cavern has a dog friendly cafe where you can have bacon booty and coffee after a morning walk!

Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel is the iconic landmark of Buxton. It is located in a high location overlooking Buckston. This Victorian hotel is located on a 5 acre site, close to the city center and a short drive from the gorgeous Goyt Valley with its great dog trails.

Greendle Ford


Maynard is a newly opened dog-friendly hotel in the Peak District with stunning views. The bedrooms are decorated by local interior designers and decorated in a contemporary style. The rooms are finished to a very high standard and have a plasma screen with a super king size bed and satellite TV. Rooms are also equipped with Wi-Fi, which adds advanced technology. Maynard, at Grindford, began a variety of dog friendly walks as each walk started and ended in Maynard. The hotel is dog-friendly so you can stay overnight at Boutique Hotel Luxury. Information on this section of the article was provided at http://theMaynard.co.uk. Read more about dog friendly walks here.

Matlock Rocks

Ho Jekinson Hotel

Fully restored second grade is Victorian accommodation, with eight individually designed rooms with private facilities. Award-winning restaurant included in Good Hotel Guide 2010. Dog friendly hotel welcomes families and pets. Hodgkinsons is a rare survival example of a great historical Class II listed hotel. Since 1770, it has a wealth of information. With its original features and the bedroom of the Derwent River, the side of a steep wooded valley and the transparent limestone rocks on the other side, Hodgkinson is the ideal place for a short holiday break to discover the pleasures of Derbyshire and the Peak. Earth.



Peacock at Rowsley is a small luxury dog-friendly hotel located in the famous Peak District in the heart of England, conveniently close to major cities in Chesterfield, Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham and Derby. Owned by Edward Edward Manners, owner of nearby Haddon Hall, the hotel has been totally renovated by award-winning designer India Mahdavi. Dogs can stay in the bedroom at a rate of £ 10.00 per horse per night. However, it is not allowed in public places such as restaurants, bars or lounges, but it is welcome in the garden. More information about these dog friendly hotels can be found on the Dog Friendly Peak District website. You can find the website address at the end of this article. We wish you a pleasant dog-friendly visit to the Peak District.



Movie Props-Toy Guns in Movies


In addition to the essential star power, one of the hallmarks of a big budget Hollywood movie is the gun wielding the screen. There are two cases: Arnold Schwarzenegger has a mini terminal & # 39; Terminator 2 & # 39; More symbolic than the character’s black leather jacket or tinted sunglasses. In Angelina Jolie’s Leg Hholler & # 39; Lara Croft & # 39; Tomb Raider movie, Croft’s sidearm is just as much a part of that character as her iconic braids and bulging clothes, and almost in memory Remaining.
These movie props need to do a little more than simply taking a break to sell the movie enemy gags that action directors demand. If Arnold’s multi-barrel, electric gatling gun, or Jolie doesn’t spin sideways across the space with H & K’s kick bolts, it’s unlikely these films will be memorable. In short, for today’s savvy audience, the gun you see on the silver screen should behave as if it were real. The slide still needs to move and the cylinder still needs to rotate. That is, the rubberized pro gun does not cut.
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Historically, industrial prop masters who strive to give authenticity to these productions have often needed to balance the intended facts and safety required by subgenres due to these genres, sometimes with tragic, varied and tragic consequences.
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Because of these obvious contributing factors, real firearms are often used in film production (although they have non-fire conversion kits or are blank fitted) but still as deadly as their unmodified brothers. Unfortunately, there are so many historical examples of gun possession malfunctions or misuses that can cause physical damage (the promising American actor Brandon Lee was accidentally shot dead in North Carolina at the age of 27. The feature film The Crow, result Is the result of combining real weapons with props and operational ignorance about them).
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To prevent such tragedy from happening and to sell gags & # 39; The educated prop house is now beginning to transition to the airsoft industry to supply film production with safe and realistic props. Airsoft guns actually mimic the appearance of real opponents (why military and law enforcement agencies around the world adopt Air Quarter as their close range combat weapon training platform).
But they do not have the ability to do it. Fire more than 6mm of Plastic Air Soft BB at speeds below the critical limit. This is not only an air gun gun. & # 39; The unique ability to mimic the actual mechanical movements of a real firearm, combined with airsoft’s cost-effective characteristics, makes airsoft the ideal choice for realistic film props.
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The creators of last summer’s Warner Bros. Summer films, like the creators of HBO’s True Blood series and the brass of Sony Pictures, can also prove this. Recently packaged Hostel 3 is Hostel 3, a three-producer company that used the use of airsoft products acquired through Southern California’s Airsoft retailer Airsoft Megastore last year. Independent filmmakers have also used airsoft guns in a variety of productions, and the characteristics of highly competitive airsoft products, not surprising when airsoft manufacturers pay attention to the display when manufacturing these products and considering the relative safety of airsoft guns



Teenage fall destinations


The Great Smoky Mountains of Colorado and North Carolina occur on their own during the fall. You need to check some photos to witness the wonderful landscapes provided. With its rustic red leaves and beautiful orange sky, this wild haven is the perfect place to spend a few weeks. The Smokey Mountains are one of the most popular places in the United States. But do not disturb because the crowd is now beginning to cheat. You can explore backpacking by yourself. There are plenty of places to stay with great small hostels and welcoming hotels for travelers.
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Glacier national park
If you want to spend the autumn rough, go to Glacier National Park. If you are looking for adventure this destination is perfect. You won’t find much about accommodation, but you can find the perfect place for a camping trip. Take a bath in the sunny city and explore this rugged terrain by foot. Lucky people will find abundant wildlife if they venture enough into the forest. You might even find one or two bears! This destination is where backpackers dream if you are brave enough.
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Columbia River
Or how about traveling the Columbia River? The beautiful location boasts a scene like never before. Cross the winding bridge overlooking the waterfall and drop down the valley below the towering cliff edge. Of course you do not have to walk. Daring people can try their luck in rapid rafting. The river is not forgiving and will not tame the way. Do not worry. There are plenty of guides to help you avoid falling into too many problems If you like to see the scenery, there are many mountain roads. You can drive across the landscape as the leaves begin to turn red and the leaves fall on the path ahead. In particular, the higher the eye level, the more spectacular the road.
Would you like to enjoy this fall semester? Berkshire is a place to enjoy great accommodation and world class dining. Celebrate lavish fall with the wonder of beautiful rustic cottages. Choosing the right place to stay will give you a wonderful view of the world below. Stunning forest wandering between day and evening has a beautiful glass of wine on the porch. Watch the sunset over breathtaking landscapes with New Yorkers who always fit this destination.
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New York City
Or how about heading for the escape? You can travel to New York this summer. Central Park is the perfect time to fully bloom and visit the city. It is a quiet time in Manhattan and many tourist attractions are much less crowded. The weather is also often perfect. In summer, it avoided the heat and arrived before the winter wind in December. In addition, there are autumn sales that can not be missed by keen shoppers.
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San Francisco
Tourists leave San Francisco for the fall of this magnificent city. Walk or drive the famous Golden Gate Bridge and enjoy the pleasant breeze on both sides. You can still admire the incredible beautiful scenery of San Francisco. Take the cable car to the surrounding mountains and see the city below wonderfully. Worried about the cost of such a popular destination? You can save money by staying away from the hustle and bustle of a hostel outside the city.
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We are now back in the wild world with Yellowstone National Park. This huge land is full of tourists, backpackers and families in the summer. You will be lucky if you only have one space to park your camper van. In the fall, the park is beautiful and vacationers head home. A quiet and peaceful area to spend the autumn makes you forget that the park houses are one of the world’s largest dormants
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Golden Coast
It’s not too late for a beach vacation. You can explore the golden coast this fall and walk on the wonderful sand. It is still warm enough for soaking and a variety of water sports activities are possible. If you want to enjoy water skiing for the first time, this is the perfect place.
Wine country
Or spend a relaxing fall season at a California wine country. Admire colorful and lush landscapes filled with countless vineyards. Learn how to taste wine and choose the bottle or two of the most delicious drinks you have ever tried. Forget France This is the best place to get your appetite for sweet food.
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Jackson Hall
Finally, how about heading to one of the best ski resorts in the United States? It’s not snowing yet in Jackson Hole Wyoming, but the mountain resort is still a beautiful fall destination. Take the aerial tram to the highest mountain and stay at every lodge in the United States. Great food, great company and fantastic service for the holiday season.
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Jungle Hostel: only 25 miles from Panama International Airport?


My interest has changed from ecotourism to hostel building. I think this is a progressive step because building a hostel within the valley is the most appropriate first step in making exposure to Kalu Yala.

Like most people, new things were interesting to me so despite the "work" I was eager to be part of a new project. After a bit of research, I realized that to go back to Earth and penetrate a well-defined competitive market, I needed a "real work".

I say "What do you not have yet?" -For the purposes of this blog I mention hostels in the wilderness area, most of them are interested in research in the Central America area. -Many of the activities offered by the hostel are not beyond our scope, but we do not like the scope of these projects unless they are already set up within the valley.

Meeting with boss Jimmy alleviated my many concerns. His confidence that ideas worked, had a greater impact on my morale than anything else. A moment of enlightenment arose until we finally left Hispania (our condo). I did not ask, "What should we offer in the valley?" Nothing was built except for the dispersion of wilderness and grazing pastures. It hit me. .. Not in the valley is a resource that enables hostels, and is a popular and potentially profitable.

Unlike most "adventure" or outdoor activity based hostels found throughout Central America or in a better world, Kalu Yala has hundreds of acres of privately owned land (thousands of acres are currently signing option contracts). In addition, this acquired land is adjacent to Chagres National Park and other government sanctuaries (natural, not natural). In essence, this gives us a unique opportunity to serve as a wilderness outpost.

Then came the many main phenomena needed. What we do not have in structure and coordinated activities is the nature of what we can offer. The products we offer are an opportunity to camp, hike or explore thousands of acres of Kalu Yala terrain or national parks that share borders. Kalu Yala & # 39; Upon arrival in the Valley, travelers will enjoy the vivid, state-of-the-art hostel amenities that can accommodate all camping / hiking / equestrian / biking / questioning needs including tents, cooking equipment, safety gear, etc.

Words like freedom, exploration, individuality or true adventure come to mind. All of these seem to embody the ideal of the most hardcore backpacker segment, and creating a hostel that serves as the "last outpost" for the most adventurous backpackers has a clear marketing character. I can see it now …

"… for those seeking freedom to embark on a free jungle adventure, where the second is more likely than the vastness of the forest …"

Thank you for editing your scattered thoughts to reflect the week's brainstorming (about the establishment of a hostel in Kalu Yala Valley). If you meet more with collaborators John Cook and James Walsh and other members, they will be back soon to give you a more systematic and specific explanation of this business venture. Of the staff.