Jungle Hostel: only 25 miles from Panama International Airport?


My interest has changed from ecotourism to hostel building. I think this is a progressive step because building a hostel within the valley is the most appropriate first step in making exposure to Kalu Yala.

Like most people, new things were interesting to me so despite the "work" I was eager to be part of a new project. After a bit of research, I realized that to go back to Earth and penetrate a well-defined competitive market, I needed a "real work".

I say "What do you not have yet?" -For the purposes of this blog I mention hostels in the wilderness area, most of them are interested in research in the Central America area. -Many of the activities offered by the hostel are not beyond our scope, but we do not like the scope of these projects unless they are already set up within the valley.

Meeting with boss Jimmy alleviated my many concerns. His confidence that ideas worked, had a greater impact on my morale than anything else. A moment of enlightenment arose until we finally left Hispania (our condo). I did not ask, "What should we offer in the valley?" Nothing was built except for the dispersion of wilderness and grazing pastures. It hit me. .. Not in the valley is a resource that enables hostels, and is a popular and potentially profitable.

Unlike most "adventure" or outdoor activity based hostels found throughout Central America or in a better world, Kalu Yala has hundreds of acres of privately owned land (thousands of acres are currently signing option contracts). In addition, this acquired land is adjacent to Chagres National Park and other government sanctuaries (natural, not natural). In essence, this gives us a unique opportunity to serve as a wilderness outpost.

Then came the many main phenomena needed. What we do not have in structure and coordinated activities is the nature of what we can offer. The products we offer are an opportunity to camp, hike or explore thousands of acres of Kalu Yala terrain or national parks that share borders. Kalu Yala & # 39; Upon arrival in the Valley, travelers will enjoy the vivid, state-of-the-art hostel amenities that can accommodate all camping / hiking / equestrian / biking / questioning needs including tents, cooking equipment, safety gear, etc.

Words like freedom, exploration, individuality or true adventure come to mind. All of these seem to embody the ideal of the most hardcore backpacker segment, and creating a hostel that serves as the "last outpost" for the most adventurous backpackers has a clear marketing character. I can see it now …

"… for those seeking freedom to embark on a free jungle adventure, where the second is more likely than the vastness of the forest …"

Thank you for editing your scattered thoughts to reflect the week's brainstorming (about the establishment of a hostel in Kalu Yala Valley). If you meet more with collaborators John Cook and James Walsh and other members, they will be back soon to give you a more systematic and specific explanation of this business venture. Of the staff.


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