About Bitcoin

UK authorities are planning a $ 662,000 bitcoin auction that was seized from an online criminal. Nationwide police will work with the Irish Auction House at Wilsons Auctions to boost sales. The auction is the first of its kind in the UK. Along with bitcoin for sale will be various other crypto assets as well […]

Peru Top 10 Activities for Sightseeing Track

# 1-Town to Hike Town at North Rim, Colca Canyon Kolka Canyon is still off the radar for most tourists. Farmland, small villages and truly friendly people’s paradise with so many outsiders. Tourists visiting the herd of the canyon head for the Cruz del Condor. It is always a must see. (The world’s best place […]

Jungle Hostel: only 25 miles from Panama International Airport?

My interest has changed from ecotourism to hostel building. I think this is a progressive step because building a hostel within the valley is the most appropriate first step in making exposure to Kalu Yala. Like most people, new things were interesting to me so despite the "work" I was eager to be part of […]